31 Jan 2011

What is Landscape - Sam Johnston

Thursday 27th January was another afternoon of lectures from guest speakers.

Sam Johnston - Gustafson Porter

Landscape is...
  • ..." everything under the sun" Neil Porter (Gustafson Porter)
  • ... Out there; an understanding of the other
  • ... In here; an awareness of self
Sam talked about some of the projects he has/is working on:
  • Lake Balaton: Create a new public space/park by the side of the lake. Elements used in the concept; Heart, Body & Mind
  • Hooke Park: Human consciousness; reality vs. imagination
  • Milan City Life: New central park. Three architects created central tower blocks surrounded by a residential area, the new park weaves between these structures
  • Woolwich Squares: Two square nodes between the river & the common. The two themes for the areas are 'Ballroom' & 'Gardens'. The 'Ballroom' is a hard landscaped area where there is a market, the 'Garden' space is a soft landscaped area designed to create an inner sity garden effect

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