18 Dec 2009

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Whilst in Barcelona we visited the CCCB (
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) to see an exhibition called the Cerda & the Barcelona of the Future, Reality verus Plan. The exhibition was an evisagement of the future of the city of Barcelona.

9 Dec 2009

La Barceloneta

Whilst we were in Barcelona we were set the task to choose a site that we particularly liked & draw a series of cross-sections depicting the area. Below are the sections I drew of La Barceloneta walkway.

The walkway along the beach is well designed; it starts as a flat, broad, paved pathway & then splits into two sections, with the higher section gradually sloping upwards into an overhanging walkway. The 1st cross-section illustrates the area just as the walkway splits, & the 2nd cross-section illustrates the overhanging walkway with the path underneath & the beach.

8 Dec 2009


La Barcelonetta is the neighbourhood in Barcelona that boarders the Mediterranean Sea. The area is famous for its long beach and promenade, housing many restaurants, bars & clubs. The area is also often used for art displays & sculptures, when we were in Barcelona there was a Rebecca Horn sculpture on the beach.

Another interesting sculpture along the beach front is the 'Fish' by Frank Gehry. The huge fish shaped structure was built for the 1992 Olympics that were held in Barcelona. It functions as a landmark in the Olympic village highlighting the location of the retail complex designed by Gehry & Partners, within the larger hotel complex designed by Skidmore, Owing & Merill.

Park Guell is a garden & architectural complex situated on the hill of el Carmel in the Garcia district of Barcelona. It was designed by the infamous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, built in the years between 1900 & 1914. Originally part of an unsuccessful housing development, it is now a municipal garden, accessible by tube, train & bus, and is free to enter.