3 Jan 2011


The two images below are both my own, created for Part I & Part III of my current Studio Project of semester 1; The Lea Valley.

The first image was a visualisation I created for Part I; Wayfinding signage project. As you can see the graphics are very crude & basic (partially intentional). This was done using a photograph as the base outline, then in Illustrator tracing the lines of objects/features that I wished to be included, & then colur was added in Photoshop. The image did not take long, although was not a hugely fast process either.

This next image was created after I had bought Digital Drawing For Landscape Architecture (listed a few posts below). The book gives clear, concise step-by-step instructions on how to create renders, visualisations, 3d models, & much more. Using this book I was able to create a far more life-like visualisation of a proposal within the Part III; Masterplan. I am now far more competent at putting together visualisations faster & at a higher standard.

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