4 Jan 2011


The Cool Hunter website claims to be "the world's most-read culture & design site, a leading authority on all things creative & a truly global hub for what's cool, thoughtful, innovative & original."

The site has organised its first offline event called 'TREELIFE'. This event is set to take place in 2011 in London & is based around showcasing creative, innovative & sustainable architecture , proving that green can co-exist with urban city life.

Below is a list of some of the exhibitions & events that will be occuring during TREELIFE:

Life in the trees: there will be the world's first major public exhibition of tree houses from world renowned designers.

Art Life: Organic, green-themed art installations will surround the treehouses

Silent Cinema: Public, open-air movie screenings, using wireless, sound proof headphones.

Free bikes will be available at each venue to enable eco-friendly transport between sites

Hi-Tea: Green building constructed for refreshments

The Green Room: Off-site hospitality venue

Sleep overnight in a treehouse!

Illuminating Treelife at Night: LED lighting will be used to illuminate trees & there will be a nightly show

The Ecotarium: showcase of new green technologies

Graphic Art Exhibition: 100 Treelife posters, desiged by 100 of the world's best designers

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