24 Jan 2011

Graphic communication & techniques in Landscape Architecture 'masterclass'

Today we had a 'masterclass' by an employee of Bernard Seymour Landscape Architects. We all created our own renders of an AutoCAD courtyard plan, using photoshop. The 3 hours we had was hugely helpful, taking us through all the stages from exporting the CAD plan to PDF, to creating a finished (almost) render. A lot of the techniques I was already familiar with, but Colum either showed us better ways of creating the same effect, or faster ways to produce the same things.

The image above is my render as done in the 3 hour session, more could be added & altered, but this shows the stage I got to today.

This shows a closer section of the courtyard render I completed today. It uses a combination of images to create a complete image. The trees I created from scratch in photoshop, as a start to a new Image Library I am making to help speed up the process of drawings in the future.

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