17 May 2010

Princess Diana Memorial, Hyde Park

Although having lived in London now for 2 years I had yet to visit Hyde Park.....until now! I have heard so much about the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain but had never seen it myself, so I went & saw it...I think that it is an interesting installation, it is a very beautiful structure. The flowing water & fluid shape makes it a very relaxing place to sit alone, or with friends, or to interact with, as you often see children doing. Considering the time it has been in situ I think it still looked really good, very new & clean. There was no sign of vandalism or litter, which always improves an opinion of a site (I believe). All in all I think it is definately worth a visit if you have not been, & I can see myself going back there to sit & relax one day if I happen to be in the area.

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