17 May 2010

Elephant Parade London 2010

When visiting the V&A I came across a brightly coloured painted elephant. After looking into it I found out that this elephant was one of a series spread out across London for the period of May to July. They are are in aid of a conservation campaign that want to make people aware of the crisis faced by the already endangered Asian elephant. There are over 250 elephants across London, all decorated by different celebrities or artists. There aim is to raise £2 million for the Asian Elephant. All of the elephants are up for auction, and miniature versions are available to buy.

The first image of the blue elephant I spotted in St. Christopher's Place, just off Oxford Street, and the other two were outside the V&A

The elephants are really beautiful & add so much colour to quite a dull city landscape. I hope that they do raise awareness as the Asian elephants are amazing animals. I am going to buy one of the miniature versions, possibly like the elephant in the image above with the Hindu Om symbol.

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