8 Nov 2010

The Longest Bench

Studio Weave is a London based company who created this bench in Littlehampton on the South coast. The bench is the longest in Britain, seating 300 people along the sea front promenade. The bench is made out of thousands of wooden slats/bars reclaimed from old groynes or found in landfill sites. At bends or curves in the bench there are brightly coloured wooden bars, adding a playful feel to the project.

The old shelters that used to line the promenade have been replaced with new shelters that incorporate the bench. Within the shelters the bench loops & twists, forming a playable feature as well as seating & openings. The bench is also engraved with names & messages of people who supported the design, this is ongoing & people can email the company requesting their message to be added along the bench.

Images courtesy of http://www.studioweave.com/projects/the-longest-bench-littlehampton/

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