23 Nov 2010

Creative Bag Advertisements

Bag Advertising taken to another level. Some very comical & some very meaningful, thought provoking examples of advertising using plastic carrier bags...

Panadol Extra
Unknown designer

Wheaties Shopping Bag
Unknown designer

Blush Lingerie: X Ray Bag
Agency: BBDO Berlin

Gaia: Animal Torture
Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium

Condomi Erotic
Advertising Agency: Draft FCB Kobza, Vienna, Austria

Olympic Shopping Bag
Advertising Agency: Tao Ma Design

Stop'n'Grow Nailbiter
Jung Vin Matt, Berlin

Give Me Your Hand, Greenpeace
Dentsu, Beijing

ASPE Crime Stories Bag
Given when you bought a book by Belgium's best crime-writer

Antje Gerwien, University of Weimar

Tom of Finland Carrier Bag
Tom of Finland is a popular Finnish gay icon

Anne Summers
Guerrilla marketing concept; GuerrillaGuru

Volkswagen Golf GTi bag
Advertising Agency: Agence V, Paris

Shumensko Beer Crate
Advertising Agency: Noble Graphics Creative Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria

Images & reference taken from www.boredpanda.com


KamPrePot said...
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KamPrePot said...

Fantastic selection of shopping bag advertisements, especially I like Gaia: Animal Torture because its eye catching and very emotional, visit my blog Kako se reklamirati with detailed descriptions