7 Apr 2010

Tree Hotel - Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

The architects have designed light-weight aluminium structures that hang around tree trunks. The cabins are 4x4x4 meters & are clad in mirrored glass. The glass reflects the surrounding environment, creating a camouflaged hide-out, reducing the visual impact in the surrounding natural landscape.

I am a real fan of this project. It is a very interesting way of creating living space in a natural environment, but without affecting the aesthetic look of the forest. I think this could be the new way of creating hotel space in the future.

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joe said...

i am a fan also, i really like things that attach to trees. when i was doing my foundation course i designed this tent that wrapped around the base of a tree.
Have you seen these..

aaron used them as precedent i think for his big spider design type thing in airplot