29 Jan 2010

Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009

Here are a selection of the winning & runner up entries for the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, held at the Royal National Theatre on Southbank, London. There were some very interesting entries, the following photos are the ones that particularly grabbed my attention. It was apparent that the majority of the photographs had been edited using photoshop, mainly using the curves tool. The top image is my favourite, it reminds me of a runaway train. Sadly the photo quality is not 100% so it may not convey as well as it did at the exhibition

Pier disappearing into fog

Straight road curving off lens??

The River Thames, clearing skies after a storm


Abandoned in the Thames

Sheep after being colour sprayed

Snowy track at sunset

I love the images that capture two different, contrasting elements, such as this one; the sheep grazing in a field, backed by a 100 foot wind turbine

Stranded sailing boats

Underneath the Millenium Bridge

Mountainous landscape with strange blackened circles

Deep rocky crevases

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