2 Feb 2010

Gap Year Work at IronsideFarrar

Courtyard Proposal

Planting Plan

Stobhill Hospital employed IronsideFarrar to redesign the courtyard in the centre of their Adolescent Unit. I was given the job to take the architects rough layout plan & improve the aesthetic qualities of the design. It was necessary to make as direct as possible routes from all entrances to avoid people cutting across the grass. The area was to be used by adolescent patients with various forms of physical & mental illness, so the design had to provide a welcoming & comfortable atmosphere. The design went through several stages of development, & the above image shows the final design plan that was to be constructed. The drawing above was originally an outline plan without colour, drawn by hand, then imported into Photoshop & colour was added.

Douglas brownfield site

Douglas is a small village in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The village had an area of brownfield that previously had derelict buildings on it, IronsideFarrar were commissioned to turn the site into a town car park. My job was to design a simple but efficient car park, fitting as many parking spaces in as possible. The hard surfacing was asphalt with an area of 434.2 metre squared, & the car parking spaces used a Type 1 surface with an area of 212.5 metre squared (17 bays). Surrounding the hard surfacing was a low Beech hedge (Fagus Sylvatica) which was 97.8 linear metres long. Behind the hedge was a simply landscaped area (457 metre squared) which was planted with wildflower seeding. The car park was a simple & effective way to utilise the brownfield site, & provided off road parking for residents & visitors to the village.

Selkirk Riverside Mapping

Dundee City Centre Spatial Analysis

Douglas Heritage Trail

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