20 Oct 2009

More London

More London is a development just to the south-west of Tower Bridge, designed by Foster+Partners & Townsend Landscape architects, it was completed in 2003. The area consists of office blocks, shops, restaurants, a sunken ampitheatre, a pedestrianised area with sculptures & water features, Tower Bridge Hilton Hotel & much more. Townsend LA were appointed to design the landscape with a brief to "create a place of individual character while retaining the flexibility to change as a part of an evolving city."(townsendla.com)

Water channel cut into the pedestrian district, dividing business & pleasure with office buildings to the left & trees to the right

Southern exit onto Tooley Street

Very contemporary use of building facade materials, varying widely across the 13acre site

Brilliant views across the river & to Tower Bridge. Townsend used a lot of granite in their landscape, creating open paved spaces with minimalist seating

The area has many water features, here showing jets of water that erupt from the granite paving. Townsend have incorporated the surroundings into their design, using a lot of water, which reflects the nearby Rover Thames.

I enjoyed visiting the area, I am a fan of the contemporary look & use of materials, particularly granite, however I felt the open space was a bit too open. There seemed to be too much space, it would be a difficult place to fill with people (althoug I visited on a very grey day), & I felt a little over-exposed when sitting on one of the granite benches. Saying that it is a perfect place for a public space, perhaps it just needs a bit of sun & some more people.

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